POLICIA local have raided a massive illegal party with over 150 partygoers, the majority underage, in Mijas, Malaga.

The raid took place at the start of November after a noise nuisance complaint was made by a disgruntled neighbour in the locality of Mijas.

According to a police statement, officers were displaced to the area on receiving the complaint where they raided an illegal party that was taking place on a farm on the outskirts of Mijas where some 150, revellers, most of them minors, were consuming alcohol and inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

As specified by health experts the consumption of nitrous oxide, increasingly common at parties of this type, can endanger the lives of those who consume it.

The raid resulted in the arrest of one person, a member of the security team of the event, for refusing to identify himself, resistance to authority and injury to officers.

Furthermore, the music exceeded the parameters set out in the Ordinance of Coexistence and Public Safety, and was in breach of regional regulations for housing for tourist purposes.

Police officers were also able to locate the person responsible for the property in question and subsequently evicted him.


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