AN unidentified ‘lage feline’ feared to be an albino jaguar or a Siberian white tiger is on the loose in the Benharas area of Los Barrios (Cádiz).

Since it’s sighting on Monday, January 2, images of the large cat have gone viral and residents in the area of Los Barrios are panicking about a possible jungle cat in the area.

A search for the wild cat has been launched by Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s nature and wildlife protection branch, after several witnesses have claimed to have spotted ‘a larger cat’ than usual roaming the area ‘on several occasions.’

Unidentified big cat spotted in Spain’s Cadiz triggers panic in Los Barrios. Credit: El Debate.

According to the Mayor of Los Barrios, Miguel Alconchel, the video showing a large white feline isn’t a prank, but ‘real’ and calls for caution whilst the Guardia Civil continue to investigate.

In fact, the authorities advise anyone who comes across the large cat to remain as far away as possible and to call 112.

With images of the big cat going viral, social media platforms have been flooded with comments, with many viewers believing that it’s only ‘big white cat’ such as a maine coon or a breed that can grow quite large.

Defo a big house cat. One-coloured cats (all black or white) always give the illusion of looking bigger than they really are at a distance.” said thewine76 on reddit.

With other social media users believe the cat could be an albino leopard or a ‘kingpin’s Siberian white tiger’.

Unfortunately, this is not the first big cat sighting in the area due to illegal pet ownership.


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