LIFE will be ‘very uncomfortable’ if there is no post-Brexit EU treaty, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo admitted in his New Year’s speech.

As Spanish politicians, academics and unions urged Madrid not to give up on negotiation, Picardo insisted he would never do anything to harm British sovereignty.

But the GSLP leader – who will run for a fourth term this year – warned that even if all sides could reach a deal this would also involve change.

“An agreement might initially be uncomfortable in some areas,” Picardo explained in his missive.

“Just like signing up to membership of the EU might initially have felt uncomfortable in 1972.

“But ‘No Deal’ will also be very uncomfortable.”

Picardo also admitted that despite working ‘night and day’ to get a deal, it is still not going to be easy and could take much longer than expected.

“What we are negotiating is massively complex… From product labelling to the taxation of goods, a final treaty will likely run to hundreds of pages.

“We have to get every aspect right to ensure that there are no negative consequences for our economy or our autonomy.”

Although Spain also wants an agreement, political resolve from Madrid has seemed to wane in recent weeks.

Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said negotiations ‘cannot go on eternally’ and on New Year’s Day ominously suggested Spain ‘was ready for any scenario’.


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