Instead of getting hitched, a couple from Mallorca were arrested instead after police uncovered the real reason behind their marriage.

The pair in Mallorca were recently arrested over the fictitious marriage which involved an exchange of €4000 euros.

Policia Nacional agents in Manacor arrested the couple and are investigating a worker from a town hall in the Llevant area who acted as the celebrant for the fabricated marriage. 

Officers became aware of the bizarre arrangement in September when the woman appeared at the police station in Manacor to report that she had been deceitfully married against her will to a man of Brazilian origin.

“The objective for him was to immediately become legal and be able to apply for a resident permit,” Policia Nacional said. 

Policia Nacional
Policia Nacional started their investigation in September.

The Force’s immigration unit then started investigating and found the woman had agreed to the man’s proposal in exchange for €4000.

But she had only received €500 euros after the fake ceremony, causing her to complain to officers that she had been scammed.

Police then arrested them both for crimes related to illegal immigration and falsifying documents.

Police are also investigating a city council worker for his role in processing the documents.

The employee has not been arrested, but police said the investigation was still open and did not rule out further arrests. 


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