A LEGENDARY cat burglar responsible for a string of jewellery thefts across Mallorca has finally been arrested at the age of 74.

He is thought to be the architect of at least five recent break-ins at homes in Palma and the Part Forana de Mallorca.

The career criminal, with numerous prior arrests and stints in jail, is suspected of entering the homes in broad daylight by forcing the Mallorcan blinds and swiping money, jewellery and valuables.

Police had been on his trail for some time and finally arrested the smooth criminal on December 16, seizing torches, binoculars and other tools from his home.

Investigators from the police robbery unit concluded that he was responsible for two home robberies in Palma and another three in Sineu and Lloseta, one of them from the home of his own relative.

They also arrested two accomplices: One a 32-year-old man allegedly in charge of fencing the stolen jewels for a cut and the second a gold trader who moved on the ill-gotten gains on the black market.


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