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Taking charge: Look after yourself!

Woman Touching A Corporate Financial Checkup Concept
Woman touching a corporate financial checkup concept on a touch screen with her finger

DURING the festive season many of us put off dealing with niggling health issues, but the Bodyworks Health Clinic is urging you not to.

The team at their San Pedro de Alcantara Clinic is encouraging you to start off the new year by taking charge of your health, and beginning in the best and healthiest way possible. 

Clinic Director Estelle Mitchell said, “It is vital to get to know your body, and anything unusual that you should act upon.” 

Estelle Mitchell

Key changes to look out for, and that Bodyworks can help you to review, are changes in your bowel movements, changes in colour or size of moles, and shortness of breath or slow recovery.

Particularly for women, any changes to the skin and/or feeling of breasts or pain in the pelvic region, should be addressed urgently. 

“We all know that our cars work better if we get them serviced regularly. Our bodies are far more complex but often only get checked when they’re not working,” Estelle reminds us.

“So get a check-up, and know that all your systems are working and there are no warning lights.”

In 2020, the Olive Press tried thermal imaging as part of a Full Body Check up at the clinic. 

The journalist’s entire body was catalogued from top to tail, before the images were sent off to a team of American radiologists to analyse.

This information can prevent more serious problems from developing further down the line.

Estelle said, “If you are in pain or discomfort, and this has been going on for more than 48 hours, then you must get professional help.”                    

“Being sick and/or in pain is scary stuff but when it comes to your body, you are your own best advocate, so you need to take charge. If you aren’t 100% happy with the advice or recommendations that you have been given, get a second or even a third opinion! All health care professionals should be confident enough in their recommendations for them to be happy if you seek another opinion.”

For more information, contact The Bodyworks Health Clinic on 952 883 151 or 699 703 936 or www.TheBodyworksClinic.com.

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