A body suspected to be that of an Irish tourist reported as missing on the Costa Blanca last year, has been found in an Alicante area field.

53-year-old Ken Moore, from Cork, was due to fly back home on October 7, but never returned after telling his sister Tanya Foley that he wanted to stay for a few extra days.

His last sighting was 70 kilometres south in Villamartin on October 31, with a formal report of his disappearance filed with Alicante police on November 28.

Workers from a gardening company in the Aqua Amarga area of Alicante found a body in an advanced state of decomposition in a field on Thursday.

The Policia Nacional discovered Mr. Moore’s passport in his clothing and a DNA test has been ordered to confirm his identity in addition to an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

There was no signs of any violence and the body was found not far from a hotel that he had previously stayed at in Alicante.

His sister, Tanya Foley, previously told the Olive Press: “All of the people who met him in October described him as being ‘lost, emotional and unstable’, so he was clearly not himself.”


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