A drug-smuggler’s cunning plan failed after the Guardia Civil discovered a big stash of hashish in his car’s back bumper, as he was about to board an Ibiza-bound ferry at Denia.

The Guardia were carrying out routine surveillance in the Costa Blanca port on Saturday afternoon when they took an interest in a vehicle in the boarding area at Pansa dock.

The 47-year-old driver looked decidedly nervous when asked to show some identity papers, which prompted officers to make a thorough search of his vehicle.

At the back of the car, they discovered something they did not expect- namely a home-made box inside the bumper.

25 packs of hashish in vacuum packed bags were in the container, which in turn was wrapped in a plastic cover.

Hash Stash

The contents weighed in at just under 23.2 kilos with the Spaniard- who was travelling alone- arrested for drug trafficking.

He subsequently appeared in a Denia court and was denied bail, as inquiries continue.

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