A LOGGERHEAD turtle has been rescued from a Malaga beach last week by the city’s Local Police nature protection group (Grupona).

It is believed that the turtle became stranded on the beach due to the recent strong winds and coastal phenomena which battered the Costa del Sol.

The police officers transferred the loggerhead turtle to the Grupona facilities, in the Port of Malaga, where it was examined and attended by municipal veterinarians.

According to herpetologists, strandings of turtles at this time of the year, due to severe cold weather, is relatively common.

The cooler water in winter can provoke turtles to enter hypothermia, which hinders their mobility.

Cold-stunned turtles become lethargic and are eventually unable to swim causing them to float at the surface. Wind and/or tides may wash them ashore.

The rescued turtle has since been transferred to the Endangered Marine Species Recovery Centre (Crema) in Cadiz where it will remain until it has recovered and can be returned to the sea.

This recent adverse weather has also seen other species stranded in the area, including a dwarf whale which washed up on La Malagueta beach on Monday February 13. Unfortunately, this sea creature didn’t survive and a few days earlier, a lifeless whale calf washed up on one of the beaches of Torremolinos.


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