THE Guardia Civil have tracked down a motorist who caused chaos in early January by driving on the wrong side of the AP-7 motorway in Valencia province.

The 77-year-old kamikaze driver struck on January 8 close to the Sagunto service area.

He forced oncoming motorists to make dangerous evasive manoeuvres to avoid colliding with them.

Reports said that he caused several accidents which led to minor injuries after exiting the service area but travelling in the wrong direction.

The emergency 112 phone number received several calls complaining about the motorist who used the outside ‘left’ lane.

Shocked drivers had to break sharply to prevent a direct hit and had to swerve into the middle lane.

Information about the vehicle was initially scant but the complaints did say it was yellow.

The Guardia pieced together surveillance camera footage in various locations to identify the offender.

The man has been charged with reckless driving and abandoning the scene of an accident.

The crimes attract a prison sentence of six months to two years as well as the removal of the driving licence for a period between one and six years.

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