A JUDGE has sent the Moroccan man accused of the terrorist attack that killed a priest in Spain’s Andalusia to a psychiatric ward in Seville.

Yassine Kanjaa, 25, hacked the priest to death with a machete outside a church in the Cadiz port town of Algeciras on January 25.

Police eventually arrested the man as he tried to flee the scene at Plaza Alta near Algeciras port.

Kanjaa had landed in Gibraltar a few years before he returned to Spain, police confirmed.

The National Court judge made the decision to send Kanjaa to a psychiatric ward last week on the advice of specialists.

They said he was suffering from a delusional disorder.

The judge finally opted to send him to the Seville psychiatric prison as opposed to the Alicante alternative.

He had in January told Kanjaa he would go to prison without bail after the attack.

Kanjaa murdered Diego Valencia by sticking the machete into his neck after the priest tried to remove him from a church service.

The city of Algeciras then declared a day of mourning for the dead priest.


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