A VALENCIA court has handed down a two-year prison sentence to a man who pretended to be a nurse and was employed for over six months.

The sentence has been suspended for three years so long as he does not reoffend or if he does 200 days of community service.

He created a fake profile on social networks and websites to suggest he had professional qualifications and worked in eight residential homes and clinical centres between September 2020 and April 2021.

The fraudster claimed he had a nursing degree and even appropriated membership of the Valencia College of Nursing(COENV) to hoodwink employers.

It was the COENV that brought a private prosecution against him.

The COENV membership certificate with forged signatures was presented at different job locations with details belonging to another nurse.

Inquiries revealed the man never went to university or obtained a degree nor was he a COENV member.

He was given a one year jail term for the crime of intrusion and a further year for forging official documents.

The bogus nurse also got a €2,190 fine and ordered to pay for the COENV costs for the private prosecution.

Personal details like his age and where he worked in the Valencian Community have not been disclosed or how his deception was uncovered.

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