DINING at a restaurant with a wonderful panorama will always enhance the senses and Malaga can boast to having one of the restaurants in Spain with the best views.

Offering delicious traditional cuisine, with exquisite local products, La Garganta Restaurant, in the heart of Paraje El Chorro, overlooking the Caminito del Rey, offers magnificent vistas for diners to gaze at whilst they eat, and is considered by the Repsol Guide, not only as a Solete among its select list of restaurants, but also as one of the six restaurants in the whole of Spain with the most outstanding views.

Located just 50 metres from the train station in El Chorro, La Garganta Restaurant features a truly spectacular terrace with panoramic views of the surrounding stunning scenery and the Los Gaitanes Gorge as a backdrop.

Local dishes such as perota, a vegetable and bread soup, and the porra, a traditional cold soup from Malaga, together with the local leg of suckling goat, are the star dishes at La Garganta restaurant.

La Garganta also forms part of a hotel complex offering fantastic accommodation and a great place to stay for those looking to spend a few days in the area.

The other restaurants in Spain with spectacular views recommended by the Repsol Guide are the following:
– Hotel Piornedo (Cervantes, Lugo)
– La Garganta (Álora, Málaga)
– A Cova da Xabreira (Larouco, Ourense)
– El Cafetín (Lastres, Asturias)
– Mirador San Diego (Algodonales, Cádiz)
– Cala Conills (Andratx, Balearic Islands)


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