SPAIN’S High Court is investigating a former employee at Madrid’s Barajas Airport who is alleged to have amassed a €24 million fortune from trafficking drugs through his workplace. 

The suspect has been under investigation since October 2021, and is thought to have used a network of contacts in Spanish airports to import narcotics in luggage, commercial flights and private aircraft.

The investigation is focusing on an international network of traffickers who were shifting large quantities of hashish between Morocco and the Netherlands, and also bringing in cocaine from South America, according to a report in online daily El Confidencial

Two Belgian nationals are thought to have headed up the organisation, and have now been arrested, along with two Dutch suspects. 

The Spanish authorities were put on the trail of the former Barajas employee thanks to wiretaps. He is thought to have been the point of contact with the aviation sector in order to facilitate the movement of merchandise, and to have earned as much as €24 million from his activities.

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