A DISTRIBUTION network involving thousands of fake watches imitating high-end brands has been broken up by the Policia Nacional.

The bogus timepieces were dispatched right across Alicante province to street sellers in popular tourist areas like Altea, Calpe, and Benidorm.

A man and a woman ran the scam out of a Guardamar del Segura house.

Dealers could either come along and pay for what they wanted or the distributors could personally bring stocks to them.

Police visited the address and found 79 high-end counterfeit watches in one of the cars parked outside their property.

An entry and search warrant was executed with 4,000 fakes discovered in the home.

The couple’s control of the counterfeit watch market was so dominant that they offered a wide range of brands at prices that were better than rival fraudsters.

The detainees- Moroccan nationals- were released after giving a police statement, prior to a court appearance.

They were indirectly linked to a larger police operation which saw nine arrests in the area with counterfeit products stocked with a market value of around €10 million.


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