CALPE’S €2 million bid for European Union grants for sustainable tourism projects has been approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

The money will be allocated in three annual instalments and be spent on a variety of measures.

A major project will be the conversion of Casa Beltran on Calle Justicia into the Museu de la Festa celebrating all of Calpe’s traditional fiestas.

The previous Museu was one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city but it fell into disrepair.

Other initiatives will include ‘smart’ pedestrian crossings as well as reactive street lights which will turn themselves on or off depending on the intensity of natural light.

Irrigation systems will be activated automatically if a lack of moisture is detected in green areas and the package includes reducing air pollution and opening new car parks.

Calpe’s Tourism Sustainability Plan includes its ongoing commitment to preventing forest fires as well as the restoration of natural spaces and their protection against the impact of tourism.

It also pledges to recover habitats for marine fauna and flora, as well as improving bike lanes and walkways on access routes to beaches.

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