MALLORCA’S most spectacular building, Palma Cathedral, has reopened its rooftop area for visitors to enjoy spectacular views and appreciate a different perspective on the structure.

The cathedral was eventually completed in 1601 after construction started some 300 years earlier.

Access will be available until October 31 and people will be able to spend 30 minutes on the rooftop after climbing the 137 steps.

Visitors will be able to fully appreciate changes made during a restoration project that for a time was helmed in the early 20th century by Barcelona Sagrada Familia designer Antoni Gaudi.

These include a series of arches constructed and opened over a century ago.

Other special sights include a close up look at the set of nine bells on the tower, including the Aloy bell weighing 4,000 kilos, which are sounded at masses.

Tickets cost €20 for tourists and €7 for residents which also includes entry to the cathedral itself.

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