5 May, 2023 @ 12:00
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Rescued crypto businessman who had been kidnapped in Malaga 

Crypto Businessman Kidnapped Credit Policia Nacional

A BUSINESSMAN who manages cryptocurrency wallets has been released from his kidnapping in Benalmadena (Malaga). 

The victim, who also trades luxury cars, was abducted by two Greeks and one Albanian aged 35, 36 and 54 on May 3. 

Police were alerted by a call from a Budapest-based friend of the businessman, who had received a photo of a gun pointing at the entrepreneur’s head that same day. 

Crypto Businessman Kidnapped Credit Policia Nacional
Image of the kidnappers pointing at the victim’s head with a gun. Photo by Policia Nacional.

He informed the officers that he had been sent voicemails from the victim’s phone asking for the payment of €1 million for his release. 

Police believe that a slip from the kidnappers allowed the hostage to send from a window a picture of the outside of the house where he was bring restrained. 

Thanks to this image, officers were able to identify the property, a three-floor luxury villa in Benalmadena. 

A large police operation for the victim’s rescue was quickly organised, with around 50 agents surrounding the perimeter of the house around 6pm. 

They were able to free the businessman, who only presented some bruises, and arrested the three kidnappers. 

Agents seized two firearms with ammunition, €5,000 and $1,200 in cash. 

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