A PET memorial garden and cemetery is to be created in Valencia on land between Rambleta Park and the General Cemetery.

A formal costing for such a project has yet to be announced but its estimated at around €200,000.

The space will be converted into a garden with pathways along with benches and green areas.

Compostable urns containing the ashes of pets will be able to be buried in an area of low trees.

Animal welfare councillor, Gloria Tello, said: “Health laws require that all companion animals be cremated when they die but many people do not pick up the ashes because they would not know what to do with them.”

“Under this plan, we are convinced that many people will choose to use the animal cemetery.”

There are over 155,000 registered cats and dogs in Valencia which mayor Joan Ribo says a lot about the affection that people have for animals.

“Pets are considered part of the family, which is why we want owners to have a place to bury them and keep them long in their memories when they are gone,” said Ribo.

The mayor pointed out that major European cities like Edinburgh, Paris, and Vienna have similar cemeteries and that Valencia wants to follow suit.


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