THE Guardia Civil is asking the public to help find a dangerous drug trafficker who shot two people on the Rules dam, in the municipality of Órgiva (Granada), on July 13 last year.

Rules Dam 2
Rules dam. Photo: J. Chipchase.

The shootout was between two international drug trafficking gangs. It killed one person and left another paraplegic.

In an operation named ‘Kovac Dep’, the Guardia has arrested three of the criminals – two of Serbian nationality and one Albanian. The first two were caught in Marbella (Málaga), the day after the shooting, while the third was arrested in Adra (Almería) in March. He was using a false identity and posing as Italian.

Now, the Guardia Civil is seeking a fourth man, who fired the fatal shots. He is 36-year-old Artan Muharremi (nicknamed Luli), a citizen of Albanian origin with Swedish nationality. He may be using false documents from another country, such as the Czech Republic or Slovenia.

If you have any relevant leads, please call the Guardia Civil on 062 or 958185400 or email


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