RISING temperatures in Spain have brought a warning about foot bacterial infections caused by excess sweating.

The Valencian Community’s College of Podiatrists(ICOPCV) says that ‘keratolysis punctata’ is one of the most frequent conditions to appear on feet in the summer months.

Jorge Escoto from the ICOPCV said: “This pathology is an infection that affects the most superficial layer of the skin that is very common in the summer as excess sweating favours the growth of bacteria.”

The symptoms are the appearance of small holes on the upper part of the skin of the soles with each dimple between one and three millimetres in size

They have a tendency to clump together like on heels or on the tips of the feet, which are the areas where the foot supports the most pressure when standing or walking.

“The grouping of the holes can converge and cause a large injury,” warned Jorge Escoto.

“The skin of the affected area may change colour and texture with most commonly a whitish and wrinkled appearance but can turn greenish or even black from an infection, which is normally accompanied by an unpleasant odour” he added.

Podiatrists recommend wearing suitable breathable footwear that prevents continuous sweating and to use special socks that are designed to curb sweating.

Using antiperspirants is also recommended and experts advise people to avoid wearing ‘closed’ types of shoes during high temperatures.

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