FROM THE outside, it looked like just another of Madrid’s many cafés. But inside this venue in the working-class neighbourhood of Usera, in the south of the capital, there were some very strange goings on indeed. 

On Sunday morning, municipal police officers turned up at the establishment at 7.40am after complaints had been made by locals due to noise during the early hours of the morning. 

When the police arrived, they found that the café was more like a nightclub than a place to get a coffee, with some 60 people inside – well exceeding the legal capacity of 33.

What’s more, according to Europa Press news agency, one of the people present told the officers that the establishment also had a so-called ‘dark room’, hidden behind wooden shelving next to the kitchen. 

The police were also told that sexual services were on offer inside that dark room and that it was a regular venue for orgies. 

Officers discovered four women and five men inside in various states of undress. 

The owner of the establishment tried to tell the police that he only allowed entry for people he knew and trusted, so that they could eat a meal and continue consuming alcoholic drinks. 

He also claimed that he had requested a cafeteria licence for the establishment, but was unable to produce it for the officers.

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