A HOSTEL in the Levante beach area of Benidorm had over a dozen criminals as guests with the Policia Nacional not being told about their presence.

Benidorm has 52,000 rooms for hire and establishments have by law to keep records of people who stay in them and send a notification within 24 hours to the Policia Nacional.

Authorities got suspicious that they identified people with a criminal record in routine checks throughout the city who all declared themselves as having no known address and did not appear on any hotel or hostel registers supplied to the police.

One hostel attracted the attention of the police as it had not provided any guest information for several days which had affected ongoing investigations.

The Policia Nacional visited the hostel and discovered over a dozen people staying there with multiple criminal reports for theft with one of them found in possession of drugs.

The hostel’s management faces a sanction under the Organic Law of Citizen Security for not complying with the legal requirements of registering guests and passing on their details to the police.

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