THE LEADER of the conservative Partido Popular, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, has said that fresh elections would have been called in the Valencian Community if a pact had not been agreed on Tuesday between the PP and the far-right Vox party.

He stressed that the deadline to form a regional government was July 21 (two days before the date of the general election) and that it could not be delayed beyond that.

“Once the regulatory deadlines have expired, we have to go to another election”, he emphasised, quoting timelines specified by the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber.

Feijoo also pointed out that the PP in the Valencian region had no other option but to talk to Vox after both the PSOE and Compromis refused to abstain in any investiture vote for the PP’s Carlos Mazon.

Asked whether a precedent had been set to get Vox support if needed after the July 23 general election, Feijoo said that his ‘objective is to get a sufficient majority to govern’.

“My goal is not to agree with Vox,” he proclaimed.

Despite PSOE criticism of the deal struck in Valencia, Feijoo commented that the PSOE has ‘no legitimacy to give lessons on pacts’ after its its agreements with ‘regional and separatist’ parties in Congress or the ‘most radical populist parties’ of the left.


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