A SERIAL burglar has been arrested by the Guardia Civil after committing 83 home robberies in Sagunto, Valencia province.

Stolen items and damage caused totalled €25,000 with the 50-year-old Spaniard targeting unoccupied holiday homes on urbanisations in the Camp de Morvedre area.

The man took jewellery, cameras, televisions, and clothes as well as helping himself to food and alcohol.

Three homes were robbed a total of 26 times during his burglary spree that started last autumn.

Unwelcome Visitor
UNWELCOME VISITOR(Guardia Civil image)

The robber always used the same tactics in his crimes where he would firstly use a torch to peek through a window or make a noise to check out that the property was empty.

He’d then tear off any window security bars or blinds to enter the home and did not use his torch to avoid attracting the attention of neighbours.

He got some illumination by opening the fridge door which he did not close when he left, thereby destroying most of the contents.

The Guardia Civil focused on the properties that were subjected to repeat robberies by putting officers inside them.

Last Saturday evening, officers heard him break a window before entering the dining room where he was detained after trying to resist arrest.

The man has been charged with 83 counts of home robbery and two counts of attacking a Guardia officer.


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