A TRAINEE member of Spain’s Civil Guard on Sunday saved a woman from a man who was allegedly trying to kill her with a drill.

The shocking incident took place in the Villaverde district in the south of Madrid. 

The off-duty civil guard was having a drink in the street with his family when he heard the shouts of a woman, according to a report in online daily El Español

He sought out the screams, which he discovered were coming from a ground-floor flat. Looking through the window, he discovered a woman who was bleeding and who had a drill ‘embedded in her head’. 

He then observed a man who was shouting and banging on the door of the apartment. “I assumed that he was the perpetrator,” the civil guard told reporters. 

The suspected assailant was arrested and is facing homicide charges. 

Civil Guard sources said that the victim was taken to hospital with injuries that included facial fractures.

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