ANIMAL abandonment in Andalucia has shot up by 15% compared to previous years.

The president of the Andalusian Collective Against Animal Abuse (CACMA), Antonio Moreno, has warned that ‘abandonment is rising again, in Andalucia, by approximately 10% or 15% more than in previous years.’

Additionally, most Animal rescue centres across the region are unfortunately grappling with an influx of animals amid the cost-of-living crisis as well as other factors.

According to Moreno, the animal shelters are inundated with abandoned pets due to the ‘purchase of animals instead of adoptions, the failure to sterilise animals and the whim of constantly wanting to breed in private homes.’

As reported by CACMA, the most abandoned pets are dogs and cats, with a notable increase in the abandonment of cats so far this year.

Unfortunately, though there is an increase in adoptions, the rate of abandonment is higher, causing the number of adoptions to be insufficient as a measure to alleviate this problem.


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