THE POLICIA NACIONAL have arrested a Valencia man, 27, who attacked a city bus driver who would not let him use somebody else’s travel pass.

Several passengers were injured as the driver suddenly braked the vehicle during the commotion which saw the assailant throw him out of the front door into some bushes- narrowly avoiding passing cars.

The fracas occurred in Valencia on July 19 but it took police until Tuesday to locate and detain the aggressor.

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The incident was prompted by the man trying to use a travel card belonging to the woman with the driver telling him that its use was personal and ordered him to hand the pass over so that it could be left in the bus central office for the genuine user to pick it up.

The man lost his temper and berated the driver while the bus was moving and went past the protective screen to lunge at him.

The driver performed an emergency manoeuvre to avoid a collision and his sharp braking led to several passengers being thrown to the floor including a woman who hit her head on the ground.

Seeing what had happened and with the bus parked up, the driver left his cabin and opened the doors so that people could go outside because they were in shock and some were screaming.

His exit prompted the irate man to hit him in the face and throw him outside into some central reservation bushes in the road as cars dodged running him over.

Police and ambulances were called to help the driver and three passengers who sustained minor injuries, with man running away.

It’s been revealed that the assailant has an existing police record.

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