A NATURIST group in Catalunya has complained to the regional government in Barcelona that nudist beaches are being invaded by clothed people.

The Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalunya has sent a letter to the administration over ‘the discrimination that nudists face on the beaches’.

Spain has a liberal attitude to public nudity where technically it is not illegal unless lewd acts or intentions are involved.

Seigmon Rovira, the head of the Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia, told The Guardian: “Nudism is not banned and you can do it on any beach, but so as not to bother people, we prefer to go to beaches that have traditionally been nudist and where most people are naked. We want people to respect this.”

Rovira’s issue is that nudist beach users appear to be changing, as he explained: “Before, people would arrive at a nude beach and either leave or strip down but now they stay and keep their swimsuit on.”

“What they don’t realise is that if there are a lot of them, they end up making us uncomfortable. It’s a lack of respect,” he fumed,

Rovira said that tourists who actively seek out secluded spots often overlook the nudist identity of certain beaches.

“These clothed beach goers then proceed to take photos on their cellphones, a practice that is off-putting to those who are nude,” he said.

“People that are naked don’t want to end up with their photos on social media.

Seigmon Rovira says the situation has got so bad that there are nudists that have stopped using some beaches because they are overcrowded with far too many people wearing swimsuits.

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