ONE of Spain’s most spectacular firework displays takes place this Sunday which has been recognised by UNESCO as an ‘Intangible Heritage of Humanity’.

Elche’s Nit de l’Alba is held every August 13 with thousands of fireworks lighting up the night sky in an event that attracts an estimated 40,000 people from across the country and from abroad.

The firework spectacular dates back to the Middle Ages when families made offerings to the Virgin Mary by way of launching a rocket for each of their children.

The display starts at 11pm with over 300 palm tree-style firework displays fired from across different parts of the Alicante province city.

At midnight, the city is plunged into total darkness before the palm of the Virgin is then represented by a huge firework array which is 700 metres in diameter and climbs up to 300 metres.

The sheer size of the firework display means that its visible from centres like Alicante, Crevillente, and Santa Pola.

The event became classified as a ‘Festival of National Tourist Interest’ in November 2021.

Organisers are hoping there will be no weather issues this weekend as last year’s Nit de l’Alba had to be postponed for two days due to high winds.

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