THE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return for their latest big screen adventure Mutant Mayhem, which hits Spain’s cinemas on Friday- and the new film is good news for an Alicante province toy maker.

Canal Toys España based in Onil is a subsidiary of a French company and its created an official toy linked to the movie called the Ninja Turtles Fidget Ooze.

The company specialises in making soft toys and toys that ooze with slime with the new offerings featuring the four starring turtles.

The ‘ooze’ represents the material that turns the ordinary turtles into mutants and then ninjas.

The slime can simply be put back into the turtle with the toys offering relaxing multi-stress functions that allow them to be squeezed and stretched but always returning to their original form.

The new toy has been developed as a result of a licensing agreement between Paramount Pictures and Canal Toys España.

Canal Toys CEO, Jose Antonio Santana, said: “This new concept is not just of interest to children but also to a new consumer that we call ‘Kidults’ who are adults that look for toys to become collector’s items which already accounts for over 20% of the toy market.”

The French company started its Spanish offshoot in 2018 with Santana in charge, having had extensive experience of creating new products.

Canal Toys not only distributes within Spain and other countries, but it also has its own toy development team.

It also recently signed a deal with the American soft toy manufacturer Threesixty to distribute its range in Spain.

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