WITH his unusual Tai chi/ yoga stances, he stalked the stage with the grace of a ballet dancer.

But, make no mistake, Baxter Dury had the presence of a pit bull, at his first major concert in southern Spain, at Cala Mijas Festival last night.

The enigmatic Londoner has all the swagger of his famous dad, the legendary Ian Dury, but with more finesse.

And the subtlety and intelligence of his lyrics, as well as the way he cleverly ad-libbed his way through various songs, with plenty of references to Spain, had the crowd in stitches.

Baxter Dury had the presence of a pit bull, at his first major concert in southern Spain, at Cala Mijas Festival last night

This is Brit pop (for want of a better word) at its best. Anger, attitude and edge, this had it all.

I’m Not Your Dog, Miami and Cocaine Man were stand out tracks.

But it was Baxter (these are my friends) in it’s excellent euphoric self that grabbed the gold.

He was followed up with another even edgier, angrier British band, Idles, from Bristol.

The energy of this five-piece surprised and blew the (mostly) Spanish crowd away.

They stomped on stage behind frontman Joe Talbot, all in black, tats and all out on display, neck pulsating with aggression. A kind of Henry Rollins character mixed with the Sleaford Mods, he was mesmerizing, brilliant, supreme.

Only guitarist Mark Bowen in full Arabic dish dash came close to matching this stunning show.

Damaged Goods, a cover of the original by legendary 80s group Gang of Four, was the main highlight, while I’m Scum (with its screams of “I’m from a council house and violent,” best line of the night) and Never Fight a Man With a Perm were also stunning.

Over on the main stage the plaudits had to go to Canadian legends Arcade Fire, who played an absolutely footless set.

This collective of talented musicians who can all play each other’s instruments, just keep going from strength to strength, and will no doubt be playing these brilliant tunes, like the Rolling Stones do into their 70s and even 80s.

There’s so much to like about these festival favorites, who give so much both in terms of attitudes, and pants with the crowds, as well as the fun they generate.

They were clearly the main draw on Thursday evening with possibly 5000 fans cramming around the main stage.

The first headline show of the year in Spain, they really had come to enjoy themselves as they descended down from the 100 steps from the hills behind, waving and beckoning to the crowd.

Hits they played them all. Wake Up, The Suburbs, Everything Now and the excellent Rebellion (Lies). One of my favourites Haiti was superb.
But it was Afterlife, with its moving pleading chorus and doffing of cap to New Order’s brilliant Temptation, that really stole the night for me.

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