SPANISH actor, Gabriel Guevara, has been arrested in Venice after France issued an international warrant over an alleged sexual assault.

The charges related to the sexual assault of a family member in 2015, when he was 13. 

The seriousness of the accused crime led French authorities to issue a European arrest and surrender order.

The actor was due to receive the filming Italy award in Venice Lido the next day for his performance in Prime Video’s ‘My Fault’ movie. 

The organisers told the Italian press that they had suspended the recognition in light of the charges.

The Venice Film Festival has distanced itself from the arrest in a press release, saying, ‘Gabriel Guevara had not been invited to any official events at the 80th edition’. 

‘Filming Italy’ has no connection to the esteemed Italian event and takes place on the sidelines. 

Actor Gabriel Guevara at photocall for the 10th annual Feroz Awards in Zaragoza on Saturday, 28 January 2023

A quick trial took place on Monday, September 4, in which the 22-year-old’s extradition to France was denied. 

This has allowed him to return to Spain to fulfil some professional commitments.

According to sources close to the case, Guevara maintains his innocence.

He claimed that the incident was the result of ‘family arguments’ relating to a large inheritance that was left to him and his mother.


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