HEAVILY DISCOUNTED rail tickets from state operator Renfe went on sale on Thursday with a journey between Malaga and Madrid available for €7.

The ‘Superprecio’ promotion runs until Tuesday, with fares starting from just €7 for Renfe’s low-cost high-speed Avlo trains, and €11 for its AVE, Alvia, Euromed and Intercity services.

Journeys can be made from October 23 through to December 9, according to the operator which is facing intense competition from low-cost rivals Ouigo and Iryo.

It claims that 20.5 million seats will come under the ‘Superprecio’ umbrella and bookings can be made online, with the Renfe website identifying where customers can obtain bargains.

As with other similar initiatives, getting the massive discount will always depend on the day, destination and availability.

Renfe pointed out that ‘all destinations will be available’ including France.

It means that AVE trips between Spain and ten French stations on the Renfe network can be booked for just €15, which coincides with the start of a daily Madrid-Marseille service.

Other French destinations are available from any station in Spain at starting prices of either €29 or €39.


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