A TRAIN passenger who shouted he was from the Palestinian-based terrorist group Hamas and then sexually assaulted two women, has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

The 23-year-old Moroccan man was travelling between Zaragoza and Pamplona on Sunday, along with around 400 people.

The train was forced to stop near Gallur for 40 minutes following the incident when the man got up from his seat and alarmed his fellow-travellers by shouting that he was a Hamas member.

He then started to threaten the passengers and approached two women and rubbed his genitals in their faces.

Train operator Renfe confirmed that there was a ‘public order issue’ on the journey and that their employees followed protocols by notifying the Guardia Civil and stopping the train.

Officers boarded the carriage where the offensive traveller was based and arrested him for public order offences, making threats, and sexual assault.

The Guardia said he was treated ‘normally’ and not as a terrorist ahead of his Zaragoza court appearance on Monday.


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