MALAGA’s famous Christmas lights were switched on this weekend, sparking criticism on social media. 

Calle Larios in Malaga’s city centre was full of people on Friday night, anxiously waiting for the emblematic Christmas lights to be switched on. 

However, videos of the light show have now gone viral, but not for the right reasons. 

The videos show the street full of thousands of spectators, all with their mobile phones in the air to film the big switch on. 

Video: La _canasta/Instagram

Postureoespanol, a popular Spanish meme page, posted the video on Instagram alongside people’s comments. 

One user wrote: “I’ve counted 934 phones, am I right or did I count them wrong?”

Another sarcastically added: “No cameras. Just people enjoying the moment.”

Meanwhile, others pointed out: “They’re all filming but they’ll never watch that video again”

Amassing over 40,000 likes and thousands of comments, the spectacle was followed by another viral moment as Spain kicked off the festive season. 

Vigo, Galicia, also switched on their Christmas lights over the weekend. 

A hotspot for Christmas tourism, the city is known for its beautiful displays, but this year, the neon green tree has drawn much criticism. 

‘A hug to those living next to Vigo’s Christmas tree’ wrote @hematocritico on X. Photo: hermatocritico/X

Social media users have been comparing the bright green tree to the shining light of a UFO and the effects of a nuclear attack, while others joke ‘the Grinch has liked this post’. 

Photo: Postureoespanol/Instagram

The tree can even be seen from miles away, as Postureoespanol commenters quip: “I don’t even want to imagine that light bill!”


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