TWO people have been arrested for running an indoor marijuana farm out of an Aspe property belonging to a British national who died in 2022.

The Spaniards, aged 54 and 28, identified the isolated and empty home and started up their drug growing operation without any rental or purchase contract for the premises.

It’s understood that the deceased Briton had no relatives that the house could be left to and the drug ‘squatters’ were confident of not being disturbed.

The Guardia Civil nevertheless got suspicious that marijuana was being grown at the address and received information confirming that the British property owner had died.

An energy company told the Guardia that the home was still connected to the electricity supply with €34,000 of power illegally used.

Officers entered the property on October 30 and seized 495 marijuana plants along with equipment, lights and air conditioning units which were used to cultivate them.

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