NOT everyone who loses a five-figure sum of money on the Costa del Sol is so lucky as to have it returned to them.

However, this was the serendipitous outcome that befell one elderly woman after she managed to leave €13,325 in a shopping basket in an Estepona supermarket.

An employee in the Mercadona on Avenida Andalucia found a purse carelessly forgotten in the basket and handed it over to the Policial Nacional – without checking the contents.

When police officers took possession of the item, they too had little idea of what it contained.

A handed-in purse contained 206 bank notes of €50, 144 notes of €20, three tenners and three fivers – €13,325 in total.

Thus on inspection, they were surprised to find a huge wodge of cash: 206 bank notes of €50, 144 notes of €20, three tenners and three fivers.

The police had to make a number of enquiries to determine who was the rightful owner of the not-inconsiderable amount.

Eventually, they managed to identify a 73-year-old local woman, who was contacted and given the joyous news that her pile of cash was waiting for her at the police station.

Just a little later, she attended the station in the company of her adult children where she thanks the officers profusely for the miraculous return of the money.


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