AN iconic Magaluf hotel is set to be demolished as part of the local council’s efforts to revamp the holiday resort away from its notorious ‘Shagaluf’ reputation.

Hotel Teix, which spans 2,500 square metres, is set to be replaced by an open area aimed at enhancing urban facilities and breathing new life into Magaluf’s core. 

The new development is a pivotal step towards the realisation of the ‘new Magaluf’ vision, which starts with the promenade’s €4 million facelift later this year.

Calvia Town Hall has announced its plans to purchase and then demolish the six-decade-old establishment as part of ongoing efforts to refurbish the resort’s image.

The iconic Hotel Teix, which spans 2,500 square metres and dates from 1963, is set to be demolished as part of a €4 million facelift of Magaluf

The renovation of the former BH Hotel, which involves a €20 million investment to convert 1,056 apartments into three distinct areas designed to cater to families and young couples, has been cited as further evidence. 

This redevelopment is indicative of the broader changes in Magaluf, aimed at diversifying its appeal and moving away from its party-centric reputation.

Local bosses already pointed out that nearly 80% of the hotel accommodations in the area now fall within The plans were announced at Fitur, the Madrid tourism fair, where Calvia’s reps were keen to boast of another significant improvement in Magaluf.

The season closed with ‘zero cases of balconing’ and a decrease in the shocking and rowdy behaviour that has bedevilled the resort in recent years. 

This is attributed to a stringent ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards tourist excesses, promoting a culture of safe leisure tourism.


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