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Stomach bugs surge across Malaga: Change in temperature sees cases of intestinal viruses climb – here’s how to avoid them

STOMACH bugs have been doing the rounds across Malaga province over the past few weeks, health experts have confirmed.

According to pediatrician Pedro J. Navarro, the rise in such cases is typical for this time of year due to the change in temperature.

Dr Navarro said the number of people suffering with bugs is experiencing a spike because they are very easy to pass on from one person to the next.

He told La Opinion de Malaga: “The problem with viruses is that they are very contagious and when someone in the family has an intestinal virus, you have to be extremely careful with hand hygiene and cleaning the toilets and all the utensils in the house because they can be contaminated with droplets that come out when you breathe or touch your mouth, so it is very easy to infect the rest of the family.”

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Dr Navarro said the number of people suffering with bugs is experiencing a spike because they are very easy to pass on from one person to the next.

This threat of the virus spreading also extends to the workplace or any other environment where many people coexist.

It means all spaces shared by multiple people need to be routinely cleaned to lower the chance of transmission.

People should also wash their hands repeatedly throughout the day, especially after going to the bathroom.

The symptoms being experienced by most people are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue, a lack of appetite and sometimes a fever.

In the majority of cases, the symptoms are mild and will usually disappear on their own after four or five days.

Dr Pedro J Navarro

Dr Navarro added: “The symptoms are mild and they can stay at home quietly, taking care of their diet, hydration and hygiene, which has to be as exhaustive as possible, especially with their hands.”

The expert said staying hydrated is ‘essential’ to overcoming the illness, advising patients to drink lots of water or other hydrating liquids such as an alkaline lemonade.

If your symptoms become very severe and do not disappear after five days, then consult your doctor.

Intestinal viruses tend to enjoy a surge with the arrival of heat, while respiratory viruses thrive in the cold.

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