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Canary Island El Hierro runs exclusively on wind power

El Hierro ran solely on windpower for the first time

Spanish firm spends €105 million on two Canary Island hotels

Spain's property firm Hispania has bought two hotels on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands

Spain named as top summer destination for Europeans

The Iberian Penisular is still a favourite among French, Italian, English, German and even Spanish tourists themselves

Fighting for the fight

Following the removal of bullfighting from France’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’, we wonder if Spain would ever follow suit

Family who died in Gibraltar murder suicide finally cremated and laid to rest

The bodies of the mother and two young daughters who died in the Gibraltar ‘murder suicide’ have been cremated and flown to the Canary Islands for burial

Terry Gilliam’s filming of Don Quixote delayed again

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote was meant to start being filmed this month

Humped together

Animal rights are too often forgotten in the name of 'entertainment'

Battle for oil: Spain’s pursuit of liquid gold

Spain’s escalating oil exploration dispute is taking on the proportions of the epic seafaring battles of old, as Rob Horgan reports

Canary Islands prepare for months of partying

Numerous festivals are going to have people immersed in culture and dancing on the streets

Spain to launch its first underwater museum

Aquatic art in the underwater museumi meant to get locals ‘loving the planet’

Oil protests in Canary Islands

More than 200 protesters create a human S.O.S on Fuerteventura beach

Protest in Malaga over Greenpeace ship seizure

Hundreds of people are set to protest in Malage over the seizure of Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise

VIDEO: Greenpeace activist ‘seriously injured’ in Canary Islands oil drilling protest

The Spanish government is under pressure to abandon oil-drilling plans in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands to vote on Repsol drilling

Residents on the islands will take to the polls to vote on whether Repsol's oil and gas exploration should go ahead

Government under pressure to abandon Canary Island oil-drilling

The WWF is campaigning for a whale sanctuary instead

Spanish government stocks up on riot gear for autumn

Amnesty calls the purchase a 'worrying development'

PP set to abandon Spain’s controversial abortion reforms

Mariano's PP about to U-turn, allegedly motivated by electoral concerns

Political row erupts over drilling in the Canary Islands

President of the archipelago threatens divorce from Spain over oil-drilling

Canary Islands cartoonists fined thousands for poking fun at ex-prosecutor’s illegal home

The illegally-placed and illegally-sized home is in Lanzarote

Government approves Repsol oil drilling off Canary Islands

Spain's largest oil company to begin hunt just 40 miles off Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

Surge in companies buying property in Spain

The number of homes bought by companies has rocketed since the financial crisis began

Four confirmed dead as wreckage of military helicopter is found

A deep-diving robot found the helicopter, which crashed off the coast of the Canary Islands last month

British PM David Cameron in Lanzarote for Easter

After a ‘difficult week’, Cameron will be able to kick back on the beach or take advantage of the island’s excellent surfboarding, cycling and hiking

Spanish NGO delegation expelled from Western Sahara

The group were forcibly detained in the capital city and made to fly to the Canary Islands

Tourist spending hits a new high in Spain

Tourists in Spain have spent a record sum in the first two months of 2014

Spain’s inbound tourism hits spending record

Andalucia posted the highest increase in tourism spending compared to last year





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