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Spain does NOT have worst drivers while 27% of British drink and drive, study reveals

The study revealed that 43.5% of Europeans have driven after drinking, with 22% always or almost always doing so

Costa del Sol toll charges to be scrapped THIS YEAR

The AP-4, running from Sevilla to Cadiz will also have finished its contract by the end of the year

Cruising along the Costa Blanca can be more terrifying than you think, writes Loraine Gostling

I had never been a risk-taker, I was pretty comfortable financially, I liked my job and everything in life was settled and safe, but just a little boring

British expats in Spain should get Spanish driving licences ASAP, UK government Brexit memo warns

BRITISH expat drivers in Spain have been urged to get a Spanish driving licence as soon as possible in case of a no-deal Brexit....

IN VIDEOS: Drivers urged to take caution as downpour continues on Spain’s Costa del Sol

DRIVERS are being urged to take caution as today's deluge continues to hit the Costa del Sol.  Towns like San Pedro de Alcantara have already...

Bigger fines for using your mobile phone while driving in Spain

USING your phone while driving is set to carry a heavier punishment in Spain. It comes after it was revealed that distractions at the...

REVEALED: Can you drive after a beer or a couple glasses of wine in Spain?

CAN I drive after a beer or a couple glasses of wine? These are questions many of us have asked during a dinner or get...

The 7 types of drivers on Spain’s Costa del Sol

Remind you of anyone?

12 things no one warned you about living on Spain’s Costa del Sol (UPDATED)

There are a few things that you will have to 'adjust' to

Young Romanian who filmed himself driving 200km/hr while drinking gin in Spain arrested

A YOUNG Romanian will appear before a court in Spain after allegedly driving 200km/hr while drinking gin and filming himself.  The 21-year-old is accused of...

Raining Renaults: Don’t be alarmed at the largest student rally in Morocco

We’re talking a pandemic of dinky French hatchbacks plastered with sponsorship stickers, travelling along the highways and byways of Spain in a contest to find the shortest route to Marrakesh.

Driver in Spain tests positive for ‘every drug possible’, but is still allowed to drive

A DRIVER has tested positive for 'every possible kind of drug' after being pulled over by police.  The reckless 42-year-old had cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines...

REVEALED: The provinces in Spain with the most car collisions – and Malaga is one of them

THE areas in Spain which had the most traffic incidents last year have been revealed. There were 1.91 million minor traffic accidents in the country...

All you need to know about Spain’s points-based licence system

THE Spanish points system gives 8 points to drivers who have held a licence for less than 3 years and 12 points for drivers...

Spain’s more than 220 new ‘super’ roadside cameras can detect seat belt offenders – with fines of €200

SPAIN is to roll out more than 220 roadside cameras that can detect whether or not drivers are wearing seatbelts or using their phones. Some...

SUMMER DRIVERS: Hundreds of thousands of visiting Brits to Spain risk lives by driving on wrong side of road...

AN estimated 200,000 drivers from the UK a year are putting lives at risk by accidentally using the wrong side of the road in...

DRIVING STEREOTYPES: Do you fit the British or Spanish driving stereotype?

BRITS spend most of their time in the car thanking other drivers and are more likely to play a game of ‘I spy’ than...

The list of driving ‘offences’ that could get you fined in Spain this summer

Driving in flip flops or letting the front seat passenger have their feet on the dashboard are among the no-nos

The types of driving that can only be found in Marbella

What you call a ‘possible terrorist attack’ we call ‘late Sunday afternoon shenanigans’

US truckers earn more than those in Europe – but at what cost?

Joking about which side of the road people drive on around the world aside, it turns out that driving on European roads is safer...

Rev up for winter

Snow may be scarce on Spain’s south coast but preparing for the (moderately) big freeze is still essential for motorists

Guide to EU driving licences

The need to renew or change licence can be confusing, but here are some tips

Expats urged to renew driving licences in Spain

Expats who have lived in Spain for two or more years could be driving on an illegal license

Call me a road racist but …

Why the new-style licence plates drive Giles Brown round the bend

Have you got it covered?

This week, Olive Press insurance expert Danni Worth throws the floor open for FAQs

Gibraltar cracks down on speeding drivers

The Rock has begun installing speed cameras in hazardous locations





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