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Environmental activists glue themselves to runway at Madrid’s Barajas Airport

ENVIRONMENTAL activists managed to get past security at Madrid’s Barajas Airport early on Friday morning and glue themselves to a runway in the latest...

Spain slammed for being the European country with more dolphins in captivity 

Environmentalists have exposed Spain as the European country with the largest number of dolphins in captivity.  NGO World Animal Protection slams the Mediterranean country for...

Two chicks of an endangered pheasant species born in Fuengirola (Malaga)

TWO chicks of an endangered pheasant species have been born at Bioparc Fuengirola conservation centre in Malaga.  The newborns belong to the Edwards’s pheasant species,...

Two climate activists swim naked in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid 

Two activists of climate group Futuro Vegetal swam naked in a fountain just outside the Royal Palace in Madrid on Thursday evening. The two women,...

Tobacco companies in Spain to pay for cleaning millions of cigarette butts under new laws

New laws that force tobacco companies to pay the cost for cleaning up millions of cigarettes will come into effect across Spain on Friday. The...

New Catalan body will buy coastal areas to save them from property developers in Spain

CATALUNYA is taking a leaf out of the French book by creating an institute to buy natural coastal areas to free them from speculating...

OPINION: Promises lie in tatters just six months on from the COP26 conference in Glasgow

‘THE bottom line is we’re in trouble’. This was the harrowing statement by US climate envoy John Kerry. Just six months on from COP26 in...

Police reveal extent of water theft problem with 133 arrests and more than 1,500 illegal wells detected in drought-ridden...

A POLICE operation to clampdown on illegal water theft saw the arrest of 133 people and the discovery of more than 1,500 illegal wells. The...

Unidentified brown stain forces closure of three beaches in Spain’s Valencia

The same experts pointed out that similar incidents have been reported along the Valencian and Catalan coastlines in previous summers, and that it is completely natural and nothing to worry about.

Spanish companies investigated over industrial waste crimes

The incorrect treatment of the dangerous substances found in these devices is said to have caused the emission of more than 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

SEND PLASTIC PACKING: Spanish food industry experts meet to discuss sustainable packaging and new Residue Law

MORE than 200 companies and organisations took part in a virtual meeting this week to discuss sustainable food packaging and the ever-growing problem of...

EASY, TIGER: This summer’s tiger mosquito plague could be less severe than previous years in Spain’s Valencia

Homeowners are advised to empty out any containers that have filled with stagnant water, turning pots upside down when it rains and keeping a check on any pools or small ponds.

Spain’s Malaga reaches green milestone in reduction of greenhouse gases

THE Malaga province has become the first region in Spain to be accredited for its reduction of its carbon footprint according to new figures....

WHAT A MESS: Plastic invades the beaches of Spain’s Valencia region

Other common objects include cigarette ends, construction materials, cotton earbuds, crisp packets and bottles.

FULLY CHARGED: Valencia driving schools switch to electric cars to reduce pollution and promote clean transport

THE motor industry is currently facing one of its most profound and vital challenges in history – and Valencia is revving up to go. Increasing...

SAVE OUR COAST: Spanish ministry announces urgent project to regenerate the shoreline off Valencia’s Cullera

CULLERA (Valencia Province) will recover the historic sand dunes that dotted its shores more than 60 years ago in a bid to prevent coastal...
Wind Turbines Spain 1

Junta de Andalucia launches ‘Green Seal’ badge of honour in bid to meet climate goals during COVID-19 recovery

THE Junta de Andalucia has launched a dramatic new initiative to revolutionise the region's recovery from the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the...

Navy sailing boat damaged in tense stand off with killer whales in Spain

The whales circled the boat for a number of minutes, passing close to the catamaran's hulls and swimming underneath the sailors

LONG READ: The last untouched stretch of Malaga coastline comes under threat from wealthy developers

THE clock is ticking in the battle to save the last natural jewel on the Nerja coastline from the clutches of developers who want...

Rural hotel in Spain’s Almeria latest project planned in protected area thanks to Andalucia ‘land grab’ bill

PUBLIC information has been revealed on the latest development project in Andalucia to make use of the controversial new Urban Planning Law. A 2-star rural...

British expats with dream homes built on illegal land may FINALLY be released from property limbo in Spain’s Andalucia...

THE Ecologistas en Accion platform has released a statement to publicly denounce the Spanish Government's plan to reopen rustic land to developers. The bill, known...

Spain aims to become climate neutral by 2050

SPAIN, one of Europe's most polluted countries, aims to become climate neutral by 2050, according to new plans revealed yesterday. The second National Plan for...

Scientists compile first ever census of DEADLY BACTERIA which is killing trees in Spain’s Andalucia

128 different parasites have been discovered lying in Andalucia's soil

Thousands of dead fish wash up on beach in Spain’s Andalucia in biblical-style plague

“The fish have open mouths and spots along their bodies"

Shocking figures reveal Spain dumps most plastic packaging in landfill in Western Europe

Europe produces 20% of the world’s plastic waste

Spain’s Malaga swelters in winter heatwave (and it continues until Sunday)

The warm weather is predicted to hang around until Sunday when it will make way for cloud cover and drizzle




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