Port Malaga Spain Wollak Photo 2
SUN: Port of Malaga

MALAGA is baking in a winter heatwave, with temperatures having reached a balmy 24 degrees on Wednesday, six degrees above average for this time of the year. 

Temperatures have been exceeding 20 degrees since the beginning of the week, in a month when they rarely exceed 18 degrees.  

The warm weather is predicted to hang around until Sunday when it will make way for cloud cover and drizzle. 

Jose Maria Sanchez from Malaga’s Meteorological Centre said that warm air and an unrelenting terral wind were behind the hot spell. 

Temperatures averaged out at 20.3 degrees in the capital of the Costa del Sol throughout November, almost a whole degree higher than in the same month last year when the average temperature was 19.2 degrees. 

Experts predict December to be hotter than average, as it was last year.  

While Malaga’s summer weather stretches into winter, water levels at reservoirs across Andalucia are still one fifth below what they were in 2018. 

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