THE dreaded tiger mosquito plague that sweeps the Valencia region every summer could be less severe this year.

Pest control experts in Valencia city believe that the lack of torrential rain over recent months means there are no flooded areas in which the insect can breed.

In fact, Valencia city is said to be relatively free of all plagues, including rats and cockroaches, which are controlled all year round.

According to council technicians, the tiger mosquito breeds in small areas of stagnated water, such as flowerpots or other domestic containers left outside.

Tiger Mosquito

It is rarely detected in large, open surfaces such as the Albufera lake, where the common mosquito is usually found and kept in check by manual and helicopter fumigation.

Experts closely monitor prime reproduction sites to follow the evolution of possible plagues and treat them immediately to prevent their spread.

As most of the rainfall registered lately in the area has been gradual, not torrential, most public spaces are safe – but the worry now is private property.

Homeowners are advised to empty out any containers that have filled with stagnant water, turning pots upside down when it rains and keeping a check on any pools or small ponds.

Council workers will go door to door to inform residents in Valencia city about what to do to prevent outbreaks, and more information is available here


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