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Adios to financial legend: Bill Blevins dies

ONE of the best known expat financial figures has passed away in his seventies. Bill Blevins, the joint founder of expat financial services company Blevins...

COVID-19: Chartered Financial Planner Jonathan Holdaway gives his top five tips for when markets are volatile

There are no cast iron guarantees to investing, but by developing these habits, you can make volatile stock markets work better for you in the long run

RESCUE MISSION: Spain-based Chartered Financial Planner Jonathan Holdaway reveals how he helped one client save £10k a year

ONE of the aspects of my job which gives me the most satisfaction is helping clients extricate themselves from bad products and portfolios they have previously acquired from another adviser

UK expats in Spain could face losing access to pensions and taxed for using credit cards in event of...

Annuities, deposit services, lending and insurance are just some of the financial actions where expats could face difficulties if the EU does not take action

Understanding Options Trading

There are many options available for trading in the market. Sometimes there are so many that it can be a bit overwhelming. But with...

Spanish government’s fast-track relocation plans for Brexit-affected financial businesses

Measures were created in part due to the possibility that London’s City may lose its financial passport as a result of Brexit

A tax that makes no sense

The Catastral value of your property could bring the tax man knocking, writes Richard Alexander

All aboard the investment rollercoaster

In a volatile market there are ups and downs, hence the need for careful financial planning, says Richard Alexander

Applications for building new homes soaring in Spain

Up 3.3% so far this year, in comparison to last year

New tax threatens Spain’s budget-bereft libraries

Critics say the financial crisis has already pushed libraries to the limit

EU grants €10 million to fight immigration at Spain’s borders

Spain is bearing the brunt of immigration from Africa into Europe
duran spain homeless toms austerity madrid  story body

Damning NGO report slams government for failing vulnerable homeowners

Human Rights Watch criticises government for handling of crisis

Olympic size debt

Introducing a new monthly currency column, Keith Spitalnick looks at the inconsistencies in financial reporting and whether the Olympics are really worth their weight in gold…

Has the world gone mad?

Finance guru Richard Alexander offers sound planning advice in times of banking turmoil

Spectrum hosts free financial advice seminar

An event on March 27 will provide a wide range of financial advice

Legal witch hunt

Employees of disgraced Gibraltar firm hit out




Spain records highest employment rate for November since 2007 in positive sign for the economy

SPAIN'S unemployment total fell by 24,573 in November with 2.73 million people out of work- the lowest figure for the month since 2007. It's only...


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