Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Brits face demolition of homes

Up to 1000 homes ruled illegal after new planning fraud

No leg to stand on

Where are the missing half a million Iberian pigs that go to make the world’s best ham?

Unravelling Roca’s web of shame

A string of former mayors, a celebrity singer and James Bond actor Sean Connery. They all got spun into the Malaya corruption trial. The Olive Press’ potted guide to Europe’s biggest ever corruption trial

No show Connery

Actor Sean Connery was not present for his day in court

Vicar conned

EXCLUSIVE BY WENDY WILLIAMS Fraudsters have used a vicar’s email to try and scam money from his flock

Stunned into silence

Despite gunpoint attack expatriate refuses to be put off testifying in fraud case

Negative salary

Police investigate cruel scam where (un)lucky job applicants end up in the red

MRI petition launched

Hundreds join attack on beleaguered property firm

Our Turkish fright!

Expat couple sought after ‘millions’ disappear in Turkish property riddle

Apprentice gets a ticking off

Alan Sugar being investigated over claims his purchase of parts of the Byblos Hotel was fraudulent

Clock stops for timeshare king Garry Leigh

OLIVE PRESS EXCLUSIVE: Costa timeshare king Garry Leigh has been killed

Meet the man obsessed by money

EXCLUSIVE: Last month the Olive Press revealed that dozens of people are anxiously trying to chase millions of euros they invested with the services of Jose Luis Maseda. Here, Andrew Pearce, investigates the so called lawyer and estate agent, who has always been “utterly consumed with making money”

Crimeshare doesn’t pay

EXCLUSIVE: Multi-millionaire timeshare king Bob Trotta branded “a fraudster” in Spanish court case ambush


Purge on British benefit cheats in Spain is going to reap large sums of money for UK coffers, reveals outgoing Ambassador

Inland fraud

It is one of the most inaccessible towns in inland Malaga. But this didn't prevent Valle de Abdalajís from suffering the malaise of urban corruption

Corruption in the classroom: the head, the thief, his wife and her cuñada

Granada primary school faces legal battle and one million euro fine after an investigation found nine unqualified teachers, eight falsified salaries, and one imaginary class