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Google honours 178th birthday of Spanish writer and poet

Rosalia de Castro is featured on the search engine's homepage

Extremist error

Google's idea of an ‘editing error’ is a strange, rather patronising one

Covering up corruption

The similarity between Orwell’s oppressive regime and the new data protection law is scary, to say the least

Olive Press article on corrupt judge wiped from Google searches due to Data Protection request

The article about a corrupt Marbella judge has been removed from searches following a data protection ruling from the European Court of Human Rights

WikiLeaks threaten legal action after Google hand over journalist email data to US government

WikiLeaks are taking a stand against the US and Google after the latter revealed email information of three journalists following a FBI warrant

Spanish newspaper group websites hacked

Characters from Spongebob Squarepants are currently appearing on websites such as El Pais, El Mundo and Marca

Google News shutdown hits Spain’s news sites hard

Traffic to Spain's news websites has dropped by 15% since Google News was disabled

Google to shut down news service in Spain

Google to remove Spanish publications from search engine results and disable its 'news' feature in Spain

Will.i.am dreaming of a Spanish road trip

Pop superstar Will.i.am has included a trip along the Spanish coast in his dream road trip itinerary

New Google campus to open in Madrid

Google's campus aims to provide a informal and accessible yet professinal environment for entrepreneurs

Ronda philosopher honoured by Google

Philospher Francisco Giner de los Rios is currently featuring on Google's home page

Rewriting history

New ruling allowing people to request Google remove links to stories about them is truly scary

Thousands ask Google to remove details of their past following Court ruling in favour of Spanish man

People with criminal convictions are demanding news stories be wiped from searches, after the European Court of Justice's ruling that people have a 'right to be forgotten'

New map reveals Spanish time is out of sync

Designed by a Google engineer, the map gives a new look at global time

Spain fines Google for data protection infringement

Spain's data protection agency slaps Google with €900,000 fine

Are Andalucians lazy and stupid?

Three Marbella men launch campaign to replace negative adjectives in Google with more positive ones – but admit there is still work to be done

Spanish town wins €20,000 in Google Earth 3D video competition

Getaria in the Basque Country produced a highly impressive video tour of the town

Jesus, Mary, Mother of God!

Catalan government lets Google Translate loose on its website - with disastrous results

Google Apps for BBVA

The Spanish bank is shifting from Microsoft to Google Apps

Lost city of Atlantis spotted near Canary Islands

Ancient underwater city has been found by Google Ocean

Olive Press is now the No1 English website in Spain

www.theolivepress.es gets Google Page Rank 6 rating

Google vs. Spain

Google are challenging Spain's privacy law in court

Google in trouble

Spanish networks have been intercepted by the Street View cars

Expat number plate alert in Spain

Google and Spanish government team up in illegal car hunt

Bin Laden photo-fit angers Spanish politician

Age-enhanced mug shot of terrorist leader used facial features of former party leader




Reggaeton triumphs in Spain as top five most listened to artists on Spotify reveals

THE most listened to artist on Spotify Spain during 2021 has been Puerto Rican musician Rauw Alejandro, the music streaming platform has revealed. The Reggaeton...


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