Monday, August 3, 2020
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King Felipe asks PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez to form a government

The King has asked Pedro Sanchez to form a government

Rajoy turns down King’s invitation to form a new Spanish government

Socialist PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez will now be given the opportunity to form a coalition of other left-wing parties

Spain’s politicians have one week to form a government or risk forcing a second general election

As Mariano Rajoy is shunned by all corners, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez holds Spain’s political fate in his hands

Spanish government’s green budget to help economic growth in 2016

Two huge projects to improve water quality and infrastructure will cost around €750 million

Gibraltar’s Chamber of Commerce releases economic wishlist for new government

The Chamber’s board of directors have published what they believe should be the economic priorities of the new government, following this winter’s elections

New affordable homes nearly ready in Gib

The first homes at Beach View Terraces will be ready within the next few months

PSOE denounces Interior Minister over Rodrigo Rato meeting

Rodrigo Rato is currently under investigation for money laundering

Disgraced ex-IMF chief Rodrigo Rato accused of money laundering

The tax authorities insist Rodrigo Rato, an ex-government minister, used a number of companies to move money around

Only one in five Spaniards trusts the government

A report released by the OECD compared statistics from 2007 to 2014

Spanish lorry drivers pay UK government over €4 million in last year

In total, foreign drivers have paid a massive €60 million to the UK Treasury since a levy was introduced

Amnesty International slams Spain in annual human rights report

The report goes on to criticise the PP for attempting to legalise summary deportations at the border

Italian complaint against Spanish restaurant La Mafia thrown out

Italian government demands restaurant change its name or close

PP Minister under fire for massive undeclared orchard in Toledo

Secretary-general Maria Dolores de Cospedal failed to declare 12,000 metres-squared of land

Price of freedom

Spain is setting a precedent for tracking European jihadis

Gibraltarian furious at being unable to buy copy of ‘Charlie Ebdon’

He insists the Rock has banned the magazine

Early regional elections called for Catalunya

Catalan President Artur Mas schedules regional elections for September 27

Madrid pushes for border control to stem ‘tide of Islamic militants’

Europe reacts to fear of further terror attacks after France

Giant step for expats

Good news for expats, as they are set to regain their right to vote in UK elections

2015 is the year Spain will ‘take off’, says Rajoy

The Spanish Prime Minister is looking forward to the new year

Spain passes anti-protest law

New anti-protest law, dubbed the 'Gag Law', is introduced in Spain

Government launches new transparency website

Spain tackles corruption with new right-to-know laws

Gibraltar Government announces plans to build 1,500 new homes

The projects will be located on the Eastside reclamation site and on land near Ocean Village

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy insists ‘Spain is not corrupt’ following resignation of health minister

Rajoy presented two draft laws to tackle corruption before next year's elections

Spanish government drivers sacked by text receive massive compensation payout

Two former government drivers have won €120,000 after being sacked by text message