Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Foreign investors snap up three decade Spanish bond

Demand for Spain's longest bond for four years was high

Spanish government officials face prison for corruption

Officials face up to 12 years in prison for embezzlement

On your bike! Andalucian government plans new cycle network

New bike lanes will link eight capitals in the region

Government proposes eliminating ombudsmen

Spanish government plans to get rid of the ombudsmen from Spanish autonomous communities.

Trust falls as corruption rises in Spain

Recent reports reflect an increased suspicion of the Spanish government as corruption hits an all-time high

Government halts plans to grow marijuana in Catalunya

The Catalan town of Rasquera hoped to make cash by leasing land for therapeutic cannabis cultivation

Campaign to change Religious Education in Gibraltar

Gibraltar government insists Religious Education will still be a core subject but is considering allowing pupils to take an alternative

Green argument in Gibraltar

Row breaks out over Thinking Green conference after it emerges government spent £160,000 to bring Al Gore to headline

Incompetent or what?

ADIOS BART! In his last column for the Olive Press, before returning to politics, Bartie discusses Spain’s current economic woes

Spanish government tests new low-carbon cars

The vehicles, which run entirely on electricity, will be assessed during a six-month trial period

Spanish fishermen in Gibraltar close to netting deal

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo insists the two-hour meeting was 'constructive'

Government debt ceiling condemns Andalucia to yet more cuts

Schools, hospitals and public servant positions will be the first to go

First transparency law to get go-ahead in Spain

The cabinet aims to make public spending visible to the public

Rubber bullets fired on the streets of Madrid

Police clash with protestors as thousands of Spaniards march in solidarity with the miners

Town halls lash back at Spanish government’s education cuts

Controversy as the government attempts to centralise education

Black and white…cash

Lawyer Antonio Flores considers the pros and cons of the tax amnesty proposed by the new PP government

A fishy business in Gibraltar

The row between the Gibraltar Government and Spanish fishermen escalates after a breakdown in talks

We will defend our Gibraltar waters

Hague and Liam Fox both defend Gib interests

Subsidies slashed for Spanish solar panel schemes

Government is being accused of lies following its decision to slash subsidies for solar power projects

Burn out in Spain

Green backlash as government plans to cut four billion euros of subsidies to solar schemes

Spain strike confusion

Unions and government at loggerheads over official strike figures

Flood relief

The government pledges more funds to help flood disaster victims

An electric car deal!

Electric car initiative sparked by government subsidies